Joseph Turley

Experientialist, Entrepreneur, Philosopher 


I’m a father, husband, philosopher, minimalist, hiker, nature lover and explorer of the territory outside of the box


I’m an entrepreneur with experience in technology services, real estate, startup and startup investing, funding, mentorship and making the world a better place by reimagining business


I’ve built technology services companies focused on driving productivity and efficiency in businesses and organizations

Real Estate Investing

I invest in cash flowing and progressive real estate projects that provide great experiences and solid returns on  investment funds

Real Estate Funding

I fund real estate projects that show vision lead by people with integrity, vision, and an interest in making the world a better place

Startup Investing

I help develop entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, services, technology and occasionally funding to help others achieve their dreams

“Life is a collection of experiences that we interpret in our own ways and share with the world”

About Me

If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that everyone is different. That is what I consider myself: different. I aim to play by different rules, bend social norms, question everything, and make the world a more beautiful place as a result. 


“Joseph’s blends the skill of business with a passion for people creating opportunities that lift both to a new elevation.”

Let’s Get Together

Looking to get together and chat about life, business and becoming the best you can be, reach out to me.